How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing: An Easy Explanation

Earning Money From Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing? If so, here is some good information for you! Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and easiest ways to make money online. In this blog, I will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, from finding a product to promote all the way through to earning a commission. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, this guide has something for everyone.

The Process

1. Finding a Product to Promote

The first step in affiliate marketing is finding a product to promote. Finding a product to promote can be tough. It would be best to consider many things when choosing the right product that will produce results. You must first understand your target market. Without understanding the basics of who they are, you’ll have difficulty getting any sales when promoting products to them. So take a moment and think about some key things. If you were going to market a product, what sort of things would make it more likely for you to buy it? Think about the products themselves and what type of people might like them.


Once you decide, search for products on Affiliate Networks. Affiliate Networks connect merchants with affiliates and provide a platform for both parties to find each other. Affiliate Networks provide a great way to find products that are relevant and profitable, as well as being easy to use. The most popular Affiliate Network is ClickBank, which has over 12,000 merchants!

Most advertisers are not selective when it comes to choosing an affiliate network. They pick the one that pays the most money or has had the most success with other affiliates. Choosing an affiliate network is not as easy as it sounds, and we need to look at what we need to choose the right one.

The affiliate process usually works by placing a unique, trackable link on your blog or social media channel. This link will take the visitor who clicks it straight to the merchant product page.

While there are some similarities in how commissions are awarded across various merchants, each site has its own set of rules, be sure you’re following those before promoting any product as an advertising partner!

2. Sign up on affiliate program or affiliate network

The affiliate program is a great way for smaller businesses with a little marketing budget to get high-quality traffic from referral links. Simply put, the company will pay an incentive if their affiliate marketers send them more sales through this type of agreement!

Most companies allow you to sign up for the affiliate program straight from their website. Links to affiliate programs are mostly found in the footer section of a website. Sometimes this link leads you to an application to an affiliate network. Some companies generate their referral codes per product or service.

Choosing the right affiliate program or network to join is important for any affiliate marketer. If you choose a bad network, you could be wasting your time and money. Choosing an affiliate program or network to join is not always about price or popularity. It would help if you ensured that the affiliate program or network you choose meets your specific needs.

3. Promoting your affiliate link

There are many ways to promote affiliate links. Promoting your affiliate links on Social Media is one of the easiest methods. Promoting them through blog posts and articles is another good way, as long as the article’s topic matches the content on your affiliate links. Promoting affiliate links with banner ads on your website is another method you can try. Promoting affiliate links through an affiliate program within your company is another effective way. Promoting affiliate links in-person by handing out brochures and flyers is also a great way to promote affiliate links.

4. Rewards in affiliate marketing

  1. Percentage of Sales – This is a very common type of rewarding the affiliate. In this case, you will receive your set percentage whenever someone clicks on your link and makes purchases from merchant site using their browser or mobile device!
  2. Fixed Commission – When an affiliate sells a product, the company may pay them back with one time fixed payout based on what was purchased.
  3. Product Give-a-ways – In the world of affiliate marketing, there’s a certain type that is fairly popular among beauty influencers and refer-a-friend programs. You might be familiar with it – but don’t worry because we haven’t included any such offers on our list! While still attractive economically, this doesn’t translate into building up steady income either. 

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